Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Expanding Territory

We have entered the fall world of school drop-offs and pick-ups, soccer practices and soccer games.  Still having one little toddler at home makes me remember when our boys were little and my world ran a small orbit around our home.  Naptimes, park days, and library visits were our biggest outings for the week.  Now our solar system has expanded widely to include school and church activities, friend and sport activities.  As I reflected on this, I realized that as our kids continue to get older, their orbits will expand even more--travels, college, employment, and their own families.

I was amazed to see that as a homemaker, my own ministry is growing with their growing sociability.  When they were little, my greatest ministry opportunities included our regular grocery check-out employee and another mom at the park for about 15 minutes.  Now it includes friends and acquaintances through soccer or swimming or school.  Since I am the school secretary, even the toddler girl gets to make more friends than her brothers ever did.  As God grows my children, He grows my opportunity to minister to others along with it.  Lord willing, when they go out into the world, my ministry will graduate along with them, to go into the world.